The Big High Blood Pressure LIE…

I’m sure you’ve heard the following phrase… “If you tell a lie long and loud enough, people will eventually start to believe it.”

Well, today I want to clear up a lie about chronic High Blood Pressure.

You won’t hear this from a conventional doctor because either they don’t really understand it or they’re afraid you might ask a lot of follow-up questions.

First, I’ll expose the truth about the LIE. Here it is:

Your high blood pressure didn’t just start as high blood pressure!

High blood pressure is a message in the form of a symptom. It’s an attempt on the part of your body to communicate that something is really wrong.

Your chronic high blood pressure started as an imbalance, stress or a deficiency that was left unidentified or untreated and eventually became what you’re experiencing now.

Your high blood pressure is like a big, blinking NEON SIGN warning you to LOOK HERE and NOW. It is trying to warn you that there is a problem in your body that needs to be identified and serviced.

Now, here’s the big A-HA moment:

Your high blood pressure is being treated as a “symptom instead of a problem”

Meaning, prescription medications, constant daily monitoring, special diets, etc. are all superficial treatments that treat the symptom of high blood pressure itself and not what created the high blood pressure in the first place.

If left untreated high blood pressure will eventually progress into a disease more acute and damaging than the initial symptoms themselves.

The bottom line is the only way you can get rid of or substantially reduce the impact of your high blood pressure is by attacking the root cause of your high blood pressure.

Fortunately, there is now a way to identify and treat your systems in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Doesn’t this sound like something you should know about?

It’s called the Matrix Assessment Profile or The MAP for short.

Based on a technology developed by a team of NASA engineers for Apollo astronauts, it tests your susceptibility to disease. It literally peeks into your own bio-chemistry and looks at it in ways no one else is looking at them and looks at areas and issues no one else looks at.

It highlights the nature of chronic, unresolved symptoms and disease and pinpoints the source in a way that conventional medicine and your doctor simply can’t do with traditional lab work and testing.

It allows us to isolate the culprit — the root cause — of your high blood pressure.

We actually lay out a step-by-step blueprint you can follow with the goal of permanently relieving your high blood pressure.

Make sense?

If you’re suffering from chronic high blood pressure, you owe it yourself to check the MAP process out.