5 Tips for Dealing with Barometric Pressure Headaches

If you’ve ever experienced headaches when the weather changes, chances are the barometric pressure is to blame. When barometric pressure and humidity drops simultaneously, conditions are particularly ripe for a barometric pressure headache.

Barometric pressure, according to Environmental Monitor, “is the weight of the overlying air pressing down on the earth. It is also known as air pressure. Low barometric pressure means the overlying air is rising, whereas high pressure means the overlying air is sinking.”

Individuals who are particularly sensitive to atmospheric pressure changes may experience headaches that are in sync with weather fluctuations. However, there’s no reason to suffer every time the weather changes. There are steps you can take to avoid or lessen your discomfort.

Here are five tips for alleviating the pain.

Take an anti-inflammatory. An all-natural alternative to ibuprofen is Bio-Allay. Bio-Allay can be purchased directly from the Biotics Research website or from other health supplement stores or websites.

Use a humidifier or ionizer. If you live in a dry area, try using a humidifier or ionizer. Lie down in a closed area for best results. Some people claim that taking a walk by the river is also comforting.

Natural relaxation may help. Meditation, yoga, or therapeutic massage may ease the pain. Acupuncture is also a safe, effective way to waylay headache discomfort.

Stay hydrated. Drinking more water is a natural way to combat headaches. Since everyone has different requirements, you may want to try this hydration calculator to determine your hydration needs.

Invest in gadgets. Migraine eyeglasses will reduce glare and relieve light sensitivity when a headache strikes. These glasses protect you from the effects of artificial light, such as fluorescent lighting.

You may also want to invest in an ambient weather barometer. Having one will give you advance warning of any upcoming barometric changes.

Another option is to get an app for your smartphone that measures the barometric pressure in your area. Since barometric pressure often changes before you notice weather changes, it helps to get advance notice so you can take an anti-inflammatory and drink plenty of water before the onset headache pain.

You can also check out the Weather Channel “Aches and Pains Index Map.” The map features a variety of weather-related health triggers such humidity, precipitation, wind, temperature, and atmospheric pressure. If you experience arthritis pain and joint pain, you’ll also want to keep an eye on this site.

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3 years ago

From a functional medicine perspective, I’d think you’d want to identify the SOURCE of headaches related to changes in barometric pressure. I suffered from this for a period of about 5 years and joked that I was a human barometer. I could tell you whether it was raining/storming even if you put me in a basement where I had absolutely no access to observing the weather outside and would develop a wicked migraine-like headache (but without the aura or nausea).

Fast forward a couple decades and I was diagnosed with mold/biotoxin illness (CIRS – Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome). After re-examining potential mold exposures, I did recollect that we had a terrible mold problem in the basement of the home I lived in when I experienced my headaches – headaches I never had either before OR after living in and leaving that home. Others who are mold-sensitized report the same kind of reactivity to barometric pressure changes. So, having mold/CIRS issues is ONE consideration if you are experiencing these kinds of headaches related to changes in barometric pressure changes.

Heather Close Athorp

3 years ago

How did you adress your illness


3 years ago

Ritchie Shoemaker’s protocol

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