5 Tips for Dealing with Barometric Pressure Headaches

5 Tips for Dealing with Barometric Pressure Headaches

If you’ve ever experienced headaches when the weather changes, chances are the barometric pressure is to blame. When barometric pressure and humidity drops simultaneously, conditions are particularly ripe for a barometric pressure headache.

Barometric pressure, according to Environmental Monitor, “is the weight of the overlying air pressing down on the earth. It is also known as air pressure. Low barometric pressure means the overlying air is rising, whereas high pressure means the overlying air is sinking.”

Individuals who are particularly sensitive to atmospheric pressure changes may experience headaches that are in sync with weather fluctuations. However, there’s no reason to suffer every time the weather changes. There are steps you can take to avoid or lessen your discomfort.

Here are five tips for alleviating the pain.

Take an anti-inflammatory. An all-natural alternative to ibuprofen is Bio-Allay. Bio-Allay can be purchased directly from the Biotics Research website or from other health supplement stores or websites.

Use a humidifier or ionizer. If you live in a dry area, try using a humidifier or ionizer. Lie down in a closed area for best results. Some people claim that taking a walk by the river is also comforting.

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Common Triggers for Headaches

Common Triggers for Headaches

When you have a headache, your world changes. Migraines can sideline you from your daily routine, and a cluster headache may take you by surprise in the middle of the night and last for weeks, even months. Although tension headaches may not prevent you from going about your day, they can make it very difficult to focus on the tasks at hand.

Regardless of headache type or severity, there are several triggers that may cause you to develop headaches. Read on to discover why you may be experiencing pain and how you can avoid or lessen it.

Stress. Stress is a common cause for tension headaches. While it may not be possible to avoid stress altogether, you may find it helpful if you take steps toward managing stress more effectively. If you can control your reaction to stressful events in your life, chances are you’ll control the number of headaches you’ll experience. Try massage, meditation, exercise, or deep breathing techniques to decompress from a taxing day.

Smoking. Smoking is a common cause of headaches, particularly if you suffer from cluster headaches. In fact, you may be able to reduce the severity or duration of the pain by eliminating smoking from your life altogether. Keep in mind that secondhand smoke is also a trigger. If you can avoid exposure to smoke, you may be able to curb – even eliminate – your headache pain.

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