Had Your Blood Pressure Checked Recently?

We often have questions about what those numbers are that we hear when our blood pressure is tested.  There is a lot of misunderstanding as to what the numbers mean, and what is considered normal as compared with high. We want to help you with a basic primer.

Your blood pressure is recorded as two numbers, written as a ratio such as 120/80.

The top number (higher number) is called the systolic pressure, which measures the pressure in the arteries with each heartbeat (contraction). The bottom (lower) number is the diastolic pressure, which measures the pressure in the arteries between each heartbeat – when the heart muscles are at rest.

In order to get an accurate perspective on these important measurements, it’s necessary to monitor the readings over time.

A single high reading will not be an accurate measurement of your average blood pressure … home monitoring over time is the best way to get a true picture of your blood pressure measurements.

The textbook numbers for a healthy blood pressure have been 120/80. However, these numbers are not age adjusted, sex adjusted, or condition adjusted. Just like other medical parameters, nothing else is taken into consideration except the numbers.

What’s more important is WHY you are having the numbers you are … and even though 120/80 may be a goal, it’s certainly not the gold standard for everyone.

For example, for many people experiencing different chronic symptoms or disorders, the blood pressure is simply a symptom that develops as a result of those disorders. These numbers can go up to 160/90, for example, though the high end for “normal” (where you don’t have to be concerned) is 140/90.

It’s important to keep in mind that 140/90 is the tipping point to investigating WHAT is causing the high blood pressure symptoms – not the point at which you’d want to implement medication.

To understand the root causes behind many of your body’s symptoms (such as high blood pressure) it’s important to establish baselines and monitor your body’s natural chemistry and biochemical balance – not only as a sufferer of high blood pressure, but as a part of any wellness regimen.

High blood pressure has been called the ‘silent killer’ because much of the damage it causes does not immediately present any noticeable signs such as pain or discomfort. Instead it works silently to undermine your health with devastating consequences. And now, high blood pressure is responsible for over 1,000 deaths per day in the United States alone making it a ‘silent epidemic’.

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Mine was 111/64-55 at 9:00am. And yours?

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