Is Lightheadedness Related To Persistent High Blood Pressure?

Often times, when moving quickly from a sitting or laying position to a standing position, people can experience temporary light-headedness or dizziness.

Under normal circumstances, this can be a mild nuisance. However, for individuals with a history of high blood pressure, this symptom can be downright alarming!

The good news is, this response is a perfectly normal mechanism triggered by your body’s response to a perceived threat … in other words, whether you jump up to answer the door, get hit by a car, or win the lottery, your body is regulating (dropping) your blood pressure as a reflex – and the lightheaded feeling is a typical result of this reflex.

It’s called functional hypoadrenia, and what it means is that the adrenal glands are responding to the outside stimuli affecting your body’s “fight or flight” responses … effectively lowering your body’s blood pressure (and causing that feeling of lightheadedness) in response to the perceived threat.

There’s typically nothing to be concerned about – it doesn’t last for more than a week or so. However, especially in people concerned about persistent high blood pressure, it can be the source of unnecessary alarm.

Although these symptoms pass fairly quickly, there are ways to mute the body’s adrenal response and prevent this sensation from occurring through natural home remedies.

Additionally, consistent monitoring of your body’s natural chemistry and biochemical balance should be a part of any wellness regimen.

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