What’s the Right Amount of Water to Consume?

Drinking enough water for maintaining adequate health is important – make that essential.  You need water to keep your overall metabolism running smoothly.  Water is involved in every type of cellular process, so without adequate water all of the cells in your body begin to perform sluggishly.

You’ve probably heard it many times – drinking enough water throughout the day is essential to your body’s wellness and maintaining a healthy metabolism. But if you’re struggling with health concerns – if your body is waging a battle against degenerative disease or chronic symptoms – you may wonder if you’re getting enough water throughout the day … or if there’s even such a thing as “too much” water in your daily intake.

Although there is such a thing as water intoxication, it’s very rare and usually seen only in cases of infants or athletes that are pushing their body to extremes. Conventional medical wisdom used to be that everyone needed their eight 8-ounce glass of water each day.  But that conventional wisdom has evolved into a more personal approach based on your size.

However, even if you’re simply waking up every morning and turning on the television and sitting on the couch until you go to sleep each night, your body would excrete up to 2.5 quarts of water just through your body’s typical baseline functions.

If you’re dealing with a particular physical issue, it becomes necessary to escalate the volume of water you consume, because your body requires extra resources to dilute the accumulated waste products and facilitate the elimination of that waste product.

The key is providing your body with the resources it needs to eliminate the excess waste produced when it is fighting disease or you are dealing with chronic symptoms.

In doing so, it’s important to establish baselines and monitor your body’s natural chemistry and biochemical balance – not only as a sufferer of chronic symptoms, but as a part of any wellness regimen.

It is likely that you are not consuming enough water.  Most people don’t.  If you look into the toilet bowl after you urinating, and your urine is clear or very light yellow, Like the color of lemonade and does not have a lot of odor, you are likely consuming enough water.  If your urine is dark or aromatic, you are likely in need of consuming more water.

If you’re like most people and need to increase water consumption, here’s some tips how to build up your daily consumption:

Have a glass of water on your desk at work.

Keep a glass of water near your bed.  Morning dehydration can be eased quickly with a drink first thing in the morning.

You likely have a habit of drinking soda, coffee and/or tea on a regular basis.  Switch one glass of water each day for one of these beverages.

Take a water bottle with you if you are walking or driving.  You’d be surprised how you can increase water consumption in this way without thinking too much about it.

Make it a habit to increase your daily water consumption by drinking small amounts of water throughout the day.  You don’t have to get your 6 to 8 glasses of water all at once. (In fact, that would be a little dangerous).

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